Jennifer Wall Real Estate Photography: Blog en-us (C) Jennifer Wall Real Estate Photography (Jennifer Wall Real Estate Photography) Mon, 01 Feb 2016 14:44:00 GMT Mon, 01 Feb 2016 14:44:00 GMT Jennifer Wall Real Estate Photography: Blog 86 120 Giving Back - DogFest 2015 I left “Corporate America” in February of this year and have been blessed with the opportunity to start a second career in photography, something that I love to do. I’ve always felt a strong desire, as well as responsibility, to give back to my community, and had the opportunity to donate my photography to another terrific charitable event this past weekend.

Robyn, Rambo and I had the pleasure of working with a great group of people in support of Dog Fest, which is an annual event supporting Canine Companions for Independence ( CCI is a non-profit organization founded in 1975 that provides, at no charge, highly-trained assistance dogs to individuals with disabilities. Dog Fest Walk ‘n Roll is their annual fund-raising event that takes place in several locations across the United States. We participated in the Atlanta event on Saturday October 3.

It was a great experience hearing stores from some of the recipients of these dogs and how much they have enhanced their lives. The weather didn’t quite cooperate for the day’s events, but it was still a great turnout!

I am excited and grateful to have been a part of this, and plan to join them again next year. You can click on the link below to learn more about CCI here in Atlanta. And of course donations are always welcome!

CCI Atlanta:

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Five Keys to a Great Real Estate Photograph I was recently asked to describe the characteristics of a great real estate photograph, and I thought that would make a good topic for my first blog entry.

I think there are five key elements that make a great online real estate photograph stand out and get attention:

#1: Wide Angle Views

Wide angle lenses provide several advantages over lenses with a normal field of view:

  • The photographer can pull in much larger scenes to create a more realistic image of the home.
  • The flow of traffic throughout the home is more accurately depicted.
  • Homes with open floor plans benefit greatly from a wide angle lens as they appear larger; smaller rooms are made to appear “cozy” vs. cramped.

Normal Field of View







Wide Angle Field of View

#2: Great Composition

Regardless of the type of photography, whether it’s real estate, landscapes, portraits, weddings, senior portraits, pet photography, etc., all great images start with a great composition:

  • All rooms should be viewed and photographed from several different angles to capture the best perspective for showing the room to its best advantage.
  • All superfluous distractions should be removed.
  • Each photograph should have a focal point that pulls the viewer into the room.
  • Including more floor space gives the impression that the room is larger.

Poor Composition With Distractions







Nice Composition That Pulls Viewer In

#3: Straight Lines

All lines, including horizontal and vertical, must be straight:

  • Vertical lines must be vertical, and horizontal lines must be horizontal; the human eye is trained to look for symmetry.
  • Bowed lines give the impression that the room is out of balance.

Bowed Lines Create Distortion







Straight Lines Create Balance

#4: No Blown-Out Windows

The human eye is attracted to bright light; if windows are blown out or highlights are too bright, the viewer will miss the other details in the photograph:

  • Ambient light from a window that fills the room can produce a beautiful image; too much light, however, can cause “blown” highlights or hot spots.
  • Some homes are highly sought after based on a “$1 million view”, such as golf course or lake home. Additional effort must be taken to ensure those views are captured properly and included in the final image.
  • Care must be taken to create the proper balance when scenes from outside the window are brought into view. If those scenes are too dark, the photograph takes on a surreal or “fake” quality.

Blown Out  Highlights







Properly Balanced Highlights and Windows

#5: Clear and Bright Rooms

Potential homebuyers are naturally attracted to clear, bright, open spaces:

  • Photographs must be clear and sharp from edge to edge.
  • All rooms included in a single image must be lighted properly and evenly so there are no dark areas from room to room.

Dark Secondary Rooms







All Rooms Evenly Lit and Sharp


A Note About Exteriors


  • Great landscaping should be captured to show off the beauty of the home's outdoor settings, including fire pits, swimming pools, intimate courtyards, etc.


  • Attention must be given to special architectural details, such as gas lamps, flagstone walkways, etc.







  • Bright blue skies and puffy white clouds make an excellent backdrop to show off the home at its best.
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